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Vertex AI Vision is an AI-powered platform to ingest, analyze and store video data.

Vertex AI Vision lets users build and deploy applications with a simplified user interface.

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Vertex AI Vision workflow

The steps you complete to use Vertex AI Vision are as follows:

Ingest real-time data:

Vertex AI Vision’s architecture allows you to quickly and conveniently stream real-time video ingestion infrastructure in a public Cloud.

Analyze data:

After data is ingested, Vertex AI Vision’s framework provides you with easy access and orchestration of a large and growing portfolio of general, custom, & specialized analysis models.

Store and query output:

After your app analyzes your data you can send this information to a storage destination (Vision Warehouse or BigQuery), or receive the data live. With Vision Warehouse you can send your app output to a warehouse that generalizes your search work and serves multiple data types and use cases.

Benefits of Vertex AI Vision

  • Ingest real-time video data
  • Analyze data for insights using general and custom vision AI models
  • Store insights in Vision Warehouse for simplified querying and metadata information

If you want to know more, you can refer to the below docs

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